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Ladage & Oelke

More than 170 years of English clothing magazine

Ladage & Oelke Hamburg

Ladage & Oelke

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Formal dress at Ladage & Oelke Hamburg

Ladage & Oelke

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Men's shoes at Ladage & Oelke Hamburg

SYNONYM FOR HAMBURG UNDERSTATEMENT For more than 170 years passion for anglo-hanseatic Style

In our historical, classical and typically hanseatic store in the heart of Hamburg, gentlemen with a passion for high quality clothing, hand welted shoes and lovingly selected accessories will find their perfect outfit for almost any occasion. We are a real treasury for collectors, hunters and salon lions.

Casual Autum/Winter 2018

Casual Autum / Winter 2018

Shoes Autum/Winter 2018

Shoes Autum/Winter 2018


Originals Spring / Sommer 2017

An oasis of style in a uniformed world For more than 170 years an authentic part of Hamburg

We are an English clothing magazine and have remained a family business since the founding in 1845. Ladage & Oelke belongs to Hamburg like the Michel & the Elbe and has an extraordinary history to look back on. Join us on a trip back in time....

1845 Hour zero

The two salesman Georg Wilhelm Carl Ladage and Johann Diedrich Wilhelm Oelke found their cloth store Ladage & Oelke in the new building "Alsterarkaden" and "Neuer Wall 11".

1850 From fabric salesmen to bespoke tailors

The fabric store gets expanded with an own tailoring department which until the end of the 19th century had up to 110 tailors. At that time we boasted ourselves with getting anything a man needs to dress done inside six hours.

1861 Expansion to the far east

Grand opening of our stores in Hongkong and Shanghai. Introduction of ready-to-wear clothing.

1864 Japan, we're coming!

Opening of the Yokohama branch.

1865 A shop from the "moneybags" in the metropolis of the "fishheads"

Grand opening of the Ladage & Oelke dependance in Bremen.

1866 In Hamburg we say „Tschüss“

Georg Wilhelm Carl Ladage leaves the company.

1879 Expansion passé

Closure of the Asian stores.

1900 Sudden death

The owner Johann Diedrich Wilhelm Oelke dies of a heart attack at the train station "Dammtorbahnhof".

1912 Family ties

The widow Oelke passes the company on to her brother Julius Franck. Ladage & Oelke is assigned to Hamburg's commercial registry with the number 7793.

1922 Modern Times

The clothing range gets expanded with products for car drivers.

1945 An era ends

Death of the owner Julius Franck.

1945 Starting from scratch Part I

One of Julius Francks sons, Rolf Franck takes over the company‘s ownership and rebuilds it after World War 2.

1950 A legend is born

Development of the Ladage & Oelke-Dufflecoat, which has stayed just as the original ever since.

1979 Industrial revolution

Transition from bespoke tailoring to made-to-measure tailoring.

1989 The fire

Substantial damage to the building due to a fire in the morning of the 31. december 1989.

1990 New home

Move of the shops temporary location to the "Neuer Wall 75".

1993 Life task completed

Death of Rolf Franck. Leadership transition to his only son Heinrich Franck.

1994 Starting from scratch part II

Completion of the original shops refurbishment, which was rebuilt as close to the original as possible and introducing the new shoe and women‘s wear department on the 1st floor.

2008 Dependance for shoe lovers

Grand opening of the shoe shop "Crossfords Number One" in the "Colonnaden 21".

2015 Fresh paint for the birthday

Just on time for the 170th birthday the clothing magazine reopens after a 5 day closure to shine with new lighting, fresh paint and refurnishing of some of the old furniture.

2017 Back to the roots

Ladage & Oelke's shoe shop Crossfords No.1 is closed down, to remodle the shoe section in the main shop.

Our Promise Workmanship & Service

We are always on the look out for new, interesting and high quality products. No matter if it's clothing, shoes or other accessories. Anything that is passionately made and lovingly selected is just perfect for our shop, if the price is in a reasonable proportion to the product. We also like searching beneath the radar and love looking at the wider picture inside our branch of industry. Not just going for the "big players" but also looking at smaller companies and finding new solutions for problems in the past. We also value good consultation and are even happy to let you leave without buying anything, than trying to sell you something that clearly doesn't suit you or makes feel rather uncomfortable. Besides, not everything suits everyone and we surely wouldn't want to try and change your personality, but cement it with the way you dress. Of course or main goal is to make you feel happy, comfortable and hopefully make you want to come back and pay us a visit anytime again in the future.

Of course sometimes things can go wrong but that is exactly when we are happy if we get a feedback from you so we can solve any still remaining problems as fast and as efficient as possible. We will also be there for you when our products have found the way into your closet and our compact old-fashioned door has closed behind you.

Visit us at Neuer Wall No. 11 We are looking forward to welcome you!

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