Back to the roots Who we are and where we come from



Normally this is the part where you get to know all about the two founders and businessmen Johann Diedrich Wilhelm Oelke and Georg Wilhelm Carl Ladage who joined forces back in 1845 to establish this fabric shop, which is all we sold until 1907. The story behind our shops in Bremen, Yokohama and Shanghai and of course the tragic story of the fire that occured on New Year's Eve 1989 and burnt down big parts of the shop.

In our long history we've made nearly everything: Frock coats for the Hamburgs senators in the 19th century, special clothes for the first motorist in the beginning of the 20th century, sportswear like Knickerbockers for skiing and cycling, club blazers for members of traditional Hamburgian clubs, uniforms, dufflecoats for students in the wild sixties, tailcoats for conductors, Tweed-Jackets for authors, actors and many more. We even sold bicycles in the 1920s. We feel honored, that we're often allowed to attend the milestones of our customers life: A suit for the Proms or first job, the morning suit for the wedding and sometimes even the last suit is made by us.

Take a look behind the scenes of one of Hamburg's oldest retail store and get blown away by an English flair you probably only get to see on Savile Row and is absolutely unique in the whole of Hamburg.

 A quote by one of Hamburgs most famous composers, Gustav Mahler, breaks it down quite accurately: "Tradition is not the craving of the ashes, but the passing of the fire."

That's what we work on day for day with a lot of passion and commitment.