„The difference between style and fashion is quality“

(Giorgio Armani)

Menswear for Gentlemen „Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.“ (Marc Jacobs)

James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Prince Charles or even Eddie Redmayne are among your personal “best dressed” list ? You love the typically traditional English way of clothing, its style itself and you would rather go for high quality, nice cloth and good fittings rather than big brands ? Then you are exactly in the right place.

In our widely ranged menswear department a fashionable gentleman will find everything he needs. Classical Tweed Jackets, corduroy trousers, heavy dufflecoats, pea-coats, elegant suits, blazers and jumpers made of lambswool, imported directly from Scotland is just a sneak peak of what we have to offer for the gentleman. Of course we also have our collection of socks, ties and bow ties in all the patterns, colours and models you could imagine. With all the products we have to offer the possibilities and combinational freedom you have is almost unlimited. Helping you to find your own personal outfit that matches your personality is our main goal.